Are You Ready To Be Satisfied With Who You Are? To Finally Feel Successful?


Live a Life of Love, Self Acceptance, Wealth and Freedom

Create the life of your dreams...easily...elegantly...with less effort than before...

As women, we live in a society that has constantly worked to keep us believing that we are expected to "have and do it all!"

We should:

Be attractive.

Be thin.

Be perfectly manicured.

Be fun.

Be smart.

Be seductive.

Be good mothers.

Be good earners (this came in the last few decades.)

Keep our homes clean, and show room ready.

Entertain flawlessly.

Be "on the ready" for anything that comes up.

Feeling exhausted yet?


Over the years, as I have worked with clients on creating successful businesses, many have told me they:

  • Are Stressed Out 
  • Feel Overwhelmed
  • Lack Confidence
  • Struggle With Self Doubt
  • Don't Like Who They See in the Mirror
  • Are Struggling to Grow in Their Business and Career 
  • Aren't confident posting on Social Media, even though they know it's powerful for brand and business building
  • Want to Make More Money and Feel Successful
  • Have Imposter Syndrome; Feel Unworthy and Don't Measure Up 
  • Are Tired of Feeling Out of Control 

At some point, many of them have decided ENOUGH! Maybe you have decided this, too?

Women Like You Are Ready for a Real Transformation

Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs Coach with me in The School Of Confidence to get their Mojo back.

They are at a stage in their lives where they aren’t sure who they are any more and how they fit in.

Many feel they have lost control.

As a Business and Social Media Coach for more than a decade, I uncovered an all too common pattern among women, which keeps them stuck; holding them back and playing small.

I could teach them the exact business skills they needed to grow their business; write the most amazing social media strategy; and literally share the exact steps that I used to grow my business to a million dollar enterprise in over 40 countries...


None of it mattered if I could not get them past their limiting beliefs; that lizard brain that sits on their shoulder and whispers unkind things...

It stops them from asking for what they want, and living up to their full potential.

Many feel inadequate, like something is wrong with them, and they feel they are alone and misunderstood.

What they need is to understand where these Limiting Beliefs come from, and how to release them. For Good!

Then, we can reprogram and rewire their thinking, letting go of "old stories" and creating new ones that are empowering and move them toward what they really want. 

I help them regain confidence in their Bodies, Brains and Business!

Does Any of That Describe You?

My guess is you saw yourself in some, and possibly a good part of what I shared above.

Here is what you will learn in The School Of Confidence:

  • Where Your Limiting Beliefs Come From and How to Release Them
  • Why You Stay Stuck in "Old Stories" Even When You Think Positively
  • How to Silence Your Inner Critic
  • How to Love the Skin You're In - and Shed That Negative Body Image
  • How to Take Back Control of Your Emotions
  • How to Quickly Identify and Overcome Business and Career Roadblocks
  • How to Be More Productive
  • Create a Better Relationship With Money
  • How to Improve Your Relationships - Personal, Business. Family and the One You Have With Yourself
  • How to Look, Feel and Perform Better for Longevity and Peak Performance
  • How to Ask for What You Want and Need - And GET IT!
  • Clarify Your Purpose, Passion and Goals
  • Release Scarcity Thinking
  • Create Success Habits and Ditch Old, Bad Habits
  • How to Use Social Media to Build Your Brand and Tribe, and Release Your Anxiety Around It
  • Build a plan to be more confident, secure and focused, in all areas of your life
  • And, More


I promise YOU WILL:

Understand why your thoughts have created self sabotage; and you will, probably for the first time, LEARN HOW TO THINK using a simple process to manage your thoughts in every circumstance (even the most stressful.)

Understand how to engage in Power Actions that deliver the results you desire, in any situation.

Understand how to master true acceptance of that which you can not control, and how this will help to free you from pain and suffering.

Know how you, and you alone can master the process of knowing exactly what you want, and the process to get it, in life and in business.

Understand why thoughts create self sabotage and how to manage them in every circumstance to gain control over actions and results


Wondering if This Program is For You?

Now, I know what you might be thinking..

"What I don't need is a bunch more 'content' that I need to read... videos I need to watch... worksheets to complete..."

Do you feel that way? If so, I get it, and at the same time, I'm going to play a little devil's advocate....

The "Work" that you've been doing up to this point...

The "content" you have been consuming...

The "(mental) videos" you have been watching....

And, the "worksheets" you have (or haven't) been doing...

Are part of what got you to this point.

And, it's not your fault. You've likely never been taught HOW TO THINK.

Your brain has been running out of control, like a toddler having a tantrum, and you've been hanging on, hoping it will be over soon.

All of that changes TODAY!

What got you HERE, won't get you there...

To where you want to be...

So, here is where the rubber meets the road. Where you are going to be REQUIRED (by yourself and your commitments) to show up and play all out...

Like possibly you never have before...

You're going to make some commitments....

Do the work....

Get coached...

And, show up for the important parts of the program...

You are going to create the transformation you desire....

Because what I know is this...

I guarantee your results when you do the work!

I coached myself first, and then I coached thousands of others around the globe on these proven strategies and processes.


If you are looking around at parts of your life, or maybe all of your life, and saying "ENOUGH", then YES!

YES! This is for you!


  • You are Fed Up and FINALLY ready for Real Change
  • You are Ready and WILLING to invest in yourself in time, energy and financially
  • Ready to RELEASE old beliefs and create new ones in alignment with your values and goals
  • You know you HAVE IT IN YOU to create your own transformation and you are ready for guidance to get there


The School of Confidence

When you join The School of Confidence Community, you are joining a tribe committed to transformation.

I use a "Slight Edge, Consistency Chain" approach to coaching, learning and creating that transformation.

No super long videos, audios or "assignments."

Short, actionable steps for you to take to begin to create change.

Effective, efficient, with accountability.

That's what creates lasting change for most people. There are always exceptions, and if you are an exception, by all means, take massive action! 


Here a peek inside…

  • LIFETIME Access to The School of Confidence online classroom: 5 defined learning modules and over 100 lessons, spread out over time. Video, audio and coaching guides to walk you through creating your lifelong transformation. Updated consistently. - VALUE - $5997
  • Body Confidence - we are going to dive deep into body image, self care and self love, mirror work, food as fuel, fitness in 15 minutes a day, overeating, conquering "urges", creating inner and outer strength and control. Peak Performance Living and Aging Well. Bedroom Confidence. Module 1
  •  Brain Confidence - We will walk through an ongoing process to learn HOW TO THINK; controlling your thoughts by first being aware; and then re-programming your repetitive, negative thoughts. Learn how to feel better; learn to coach yourself out of any negative situation; release the past; let go of limiting beliefs and create the life you truly deserve and desire! In a nutshell - Mind Blown!!! Module 2
  • Business Confidence - Becoming a Confident Entrepreneur; Positioning and Success Language; Confidence to Sell; Confidence to Close; Systems and Processes For Business Success; Social Media and Brand Confidence; Goal Achieving Habits; Productivity; Asking for What You Want. Module 3
  • Brilliance Bootcamp - Goals; Intentions; Daily Work; Values; Detachment Work; Personal Evaluations; Radical Acceptance; Intentional Imbalance;  Integrity and More! Module 4
  • Bodacious Bonuses - Our Live Calls; Trainings and More. Module 5
  • Weekly LIVE Training and Q&A help from Jackie and the community who have and are transforming their lives - this is where the REAL work happens. Brilliant coaching! Hot Seat Coaching Available. Value - $9997
  • Plus BONUS COURSES and new CONTENT WEEKLY: Library of LIVE Trainings, 30 Day Self Discovery Challenge, Mindset Training, Money Mastery, Boardroom to the Bedroom and MORE! Value - $5997
  • The School of Confidence Community, for coaching, support and celebration! Value - $3997

Total Value - $25,988

Your Cost for Lifetime Access - A Slight Fraction of the Value!


Are you ready?

Is it GO time for you? 

Are you coming?

Confidence is SEXY, and so are you!

See you in School.

Questions? Let's Schedule a Call to Talk About Your Transformation!


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