Jackie Ulmer on Mindset and Confidence

Fat Blaster Brain Booster Coffee for Peak Performance


It's funny what can show up when you just open up to possibility...

You may be a lot like me, as the years tick by, wondering about keeping your brain sharp and alert


Getting rid of that “fog” that can sometimes settle in about mid-morning, and most commonly after lunch.


I really felt like this was happening to me WAY too young…


So, in my pursuit of trying to find something that could help me with this, as well as turning my body into a human experiment with intermittent fasting…


and going gluten-free…


then completely grain-free….


no sugar…


no alcohol….


no fun…


(as I called it!)


And, really, just testing to see what works for my body and ways that I can feel more like a peak performer and more like the person I was in my twenties and thirties.


Was that just wishful thinking?


Along the way I was introduced to a concept called ...

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Surviving Holiday Family, Drama, Stress, Anxiety and Your Business


There is no doubt that the holidays can create major drama, stress, anxiety and triggers.


And, if you have a side hustle business, especially for my Network Marketing clients, it can be even worse.


Here are some survival tips!


First, set an intention for the event.


What do you want to experience, feel and come away with.


Being intentional can be very helpful.


Plan ahead how you will cope with stressful people and things.


Take care of yourself and pay attention to how you fuel your body.


Be careful not to overindulge in alcohol, which can make the triggers and drama worse.


When you do feel triggered, check in on your feelings and emotions and see if you can go back to a past event that is making things worse.


Ask yourself -

Is it real?

Is it happening now?

What does it mean about me?

Where do I want to go from here?


If you haven't taken my free fitness challenge, it's 7 days and designed to get you moving,...

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