About Jackie Ulmer

Hi, I'm Jackie...

Oh, where to even begin. I'm guessing I am a lot like you. I wear many hats and have many “labels” that sort of define me…

  • Wife
  • Mom
  • Daughter
  • Friend
  • Entrepreneur
  • Coach

The Journey of Me

I’m a Certified Life, Business and Social Media coach. My huge passion is helping women (and men) get out of being “stuck” and get into having more of what it is they really want.


To help them create the transformation they are seeking, as I know it is possible. Because I have done it.


I have taken myself from a “non college graduate” to a million dollar earner in the Direct Sales Profession, to being a sought after speaker and trainer in Network Marketing, Real Estate and other professions.

And, a Transformation Coach.


I did it by learning and mastering the right business skills, for sure.


And, more importantly, by learning to manage my thoughts, understand my feelings, and take the actions that would create the results I truly desired.


Most people never learn to manage their minds, and so their thoughts and feelings “manage them.”


Life doesn’t happen TO you, it happens FOR you.


Coaching Women Leaders

As a coach since 2005, I have watched women struggle with the same issues...

  • Feeling like they aren't "Good enough"
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Comparanoia
  • Negative Body Image and Weight Issues
  • Be a Mom or Have a Career
  • Worries about "Other People's Opinions"
  • Feeling "Stuck"
  • And, more

As we worked together on their business plan; creating marketing strategies and using Social Media, these "mental monsters" kept getting in the way.

Together, we would write out a Social Media strategy, and the doubts would creep in for them...

I don't like how I look in photos, so I don't want to post selfies....do I have to?

I don't want to do video...I look awful...

I don't know what to say....

Who wants to hear from me?


I could totally relate - I have struggled with most of this, too.


Can we share who we really are with the world?


And, what about the haters, shamers and trolls...


Even once I reached the success I desperately desired, I still struggled with "Other People's Opinions",  Imposter Syndrome, and those  feelings of unworthiness remained...

Not Good Enough

Personal growth and self discovery have been a passion for most of my life. although I was in my 30s before I heard it called “That.” I just knew I was always looking for ways to improve myself…


To understand myself…


I struggled with feeling “not good enough” from about 4th grade, when “mean girls" came into my life. I felt there was something wrong with me and that I would never be accepted for just “me.”


So, I became a “doer.” Do, Do, Do.


Then, I could be loved for my achievements, awards and accomplishments, and it might hide the fact that I am not “enough.”


I never finished college - couldn’t decide what I wanted to do.


And, I "landed" a job in the airline industry, which opened up a whole new world to me.


I traveled, I moved across country, I met new and fascinating people.


I learned to become somewhat fearless…


Except for my personal fears that I kept buried and hidden from the world.


I settled into a fun, fabulous career in airline marketing. And, I was still regularly slapped with the fact that I had "not finished college" so not matter how good I was in my field, I would only go so far.


Then, came marriage and a family, and that "grounded me", by choice.


But, it didn't stop my longing to be in the business world....


And, certainly to be my own boss, and become an Entrepreneur.


Was that even a possibility for someone "like me?"


The Juggle and The Struggle

Motherhood was fantastic and I felt so fortunate to be home, to raise my children…


And, it didn’t stop me from wanting to continue my adventure in the business world. I have a passion for business, marketing, and making money (there, I’m not afraid to say it…I LIKE making money!!!)


Plus, it’s not easy to make it on one income, and I longed for my days of traveling first class, with an expense account!



There had to be a way I could work from home, earn a great income and still be with my children…


I had read numerous stories of people that were doing just that….working from home, raising their children themselves and finding a balance doing both.



Well, after a lot of research, I ended up (kicking and screaming) in the profession of Direct Sales and Network Marketing.


More on that story below…


Even in a business of my own, from home, it was challenging, juggling life, family and a business. So, I had struggles, for sure.


I did not have immediate success, but I developed my business skills, learned about people and become a better communicator. I was too stubborn to quit, really. I wanted to be one of the success stories and not a casualty!

And, it was something that didn’t have a limited ceiling due to my lack of a college degree.

Over time, I replaced my career income and things started taking off.

Then, in 1999, I went to an Internet Marketing seminar that changed my life. And, that is how we are here today!

QBE - Qualified by Experience

Nothing beats "Trial by Fire" and I feel like that is how I learned most of the skills I use today to coach and inspire others to step into their greatness; as well as grow my own business.


Success, in life, and much of business are is not learned in a classroom.


It's learned by Doing...

Be Being...

By Trying...


Falling Down...

Standing Back Up...

and Doing it again, with tweaks and improvements...

As a lifelong learner, it’s only natural that I like to learn, explore, experiment and then share what I have discovered with others, so coaching is a natural fit for me. I coach on those things I have some experience with.

As my reputation grew, especially via the Internet, I was approached by Network Marketing and Direct Sales Leaders; Real Estate Brokers and Agents; Insurance; Mortgage Lenders and other sales professionals who wanted to learn how to market via Social Media.

No one ever asked about my College Experience...

The funny thing is, I have spent well over $100,000 on my "education" outside of college - Internet Marketing; Self Development; Coaching; Personality Seminars and Certifications - all real life skills that I have repeatedly used and mastered.

And taught others...

And, more specifically, helped others improve their own lives, relationships  and businesses with these skills.

So, yes, as a matter of fact, I am Qualified By Experience!

The Earlier Years

Now, for the "other stuff!" If you've made it this far, I'll try to keep it short, so you can get a better feel for me, without boring you or dragging on too long...

I grew up in Durango, Colorado, and had a fantastic childhood! As of this writing (2019) my parents are still married (60 years) and also now live in the Phoenix area, about 40 miles from me.


I have been married over 30 years, and have 2 grown children!

I consider these two things my greatest achievements - my marriage and my children.

I mentioned my Direct Sales and Network Marketing Experience....

Here is that story....

I mentioned that I went kicking and screaming into the Network Marketing profession, which is true.

I was a true skeptic.

I thought that was something that only "snake oil salesmen" and people who couldn't get a REAL job did.

I was uneducated, for sure.

What’s a Nice Girl Like You Doing in Direct Sales and Network Marketing?

Have you ever felt like this or asked yourself that questions?

I’ve even been asked to write a book title – What’s a Nice Girl Like You Doing in Network Marketing?


Network Marketing was the one thing that seemed to fit the profile of exactly what I was looking for (but, ewwww, really? I had a negative mental blueprint to overcome, that’s for sure!)


But here is what it offered and it was appealing:




The Ability to Create More Than a “Hobby” Income


Working With People


Furthering my Management Skills


After educating myself, I quickly determined that I was uneducated about what Direct Sales and Network Marketing truly is, and I was about to let my own ignorance prevent me from taking advantage of the one home based business opportunity that fit my criteria perfectly.


I made a commitment to educate myself on what was out there, select something that worked for me and my family, apply the time, dedication and perseverance that I knew it would take and reap the rewards!


I wanted something that would provide on-going residual income.  You know, something that would pay me over and over for the work that I do one time!


As I mentioned, I did not have immediate success. I was too stubborn to quit. I wanted to be one of the rare success stories!


Over time, I replaced my career income and things started taking off.



The Internet Changed Everything!


I built a successful business offline, by making my list and contacting everyone I knew. It worked and I did okay, but I was not finding the time freedom or the level of income I wanted.

I joined networking events; ran ads; and bought opportunity leads. All of these methods brought me certain levels of success.


But, I was convinced there was another way.


And, I had small children and was tired of being “outside of my home base” building my home based business.


I wanted to create multiple streams of income. I wanted to truly work from home. I wanted to have dozens and hundreds of people looking at my business daily, and even hourly!


It was 1999, (yes, AGES ago!) and I had a growing fascination with the Internet, its potential and the idea that one could make an incredible income online, while at home in PJs or at the beach!


A Way of Doing Business That I Love


I wanted a better way to market myself. Where people would come to me. 

I was interested in marketing techniques that actually felt empowering to me and not intrusive, awkward, or misleading.


The Internet and Social Media truly changed EVERYTHING for me.


I went from Zero to Hero; moderate income earner to top income earner and won about every award there is.


I’ve spoken on stages across the country and built teams of tens of thousands; sold products and services in over 40 countries, and….


Met the most amazing people!


People just like you! Even if you are not in Network Marketing!


Today, I coach, train, speak, run masterminds and workshops and live my dream of educating and empowering others to believe in themselves and their abilities.


Many business "trainers" today give you some good action techniques, but they lack teaching the most core, fundamental piece of any successful business -


How to Build Relationships!


No matter what your business, you've most likely been taught to make your list and share what you are doing.


And, you may want to know how to do that in a way that doesn't feel awkward or salesy, and a turn off to your friends.

My Coaching Programs solve that problem!



When you learn how to build solid and meaningful connections and relationships, quickly, with the right people you'll propel your business forward like crazy.


So, that's a little of my story! I would LOVE to hear yours!


Here's My Story on Video!


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