What is Confidence?

A belief in oneself...and one's abilities. 

Do you struggle with confidence and a belief in yourself? Let me help you shift your thoughts...





Social Media and Society lies to us with filtered, photoshopped "norms" that shake our beliefs about how we measure up, body image and our confidence.

My 4 part video series and coaching worksheets give you the tools to re-program your thoughts, release limiting beliefs and regain your confidence!

I Help Women Take Back Control and Feel More Confident

I'm Jackie Ulmer, the Confidence Catalyst.

Professional Women and Entrepreneurs  coach with me to build confidence in their bodies, brains and businesses, because most suffer from Imposter Syndrome and Comparanoia!

It affects them from in the boardroom, the bedroom, and everywhere in between.

Often, they have a negative body image; feelings of not being good enough and unworthiness; and struggle with keeping up with the “norms” of society and Social Media.

I help them shift how they feel about themselves; master their thoughts and get them unstuck in their businesses.


We work on the triggers that keep them stuck; transforming their thoughts, feelings and handling emotions in a way that takes them out of negative self talk and staying stuck in “stories” from the past that are no longer relevant.


This gives them the boost they need to feel and look their best, and show up more confident and capable in their lives.


I’ve owned my own business since 1994; so I know the “struggle with the juggle” of the many hats we wear as women and moms.

In 2005, I began business coaching. In 2011, I added Social Media Coach and Strategist to the list. And, in 2014 I became certified as a life coach, as I saw how our personal lives and challenges cross over into our business world regularly.

 Today, I love sharing the tools, techniques and proven strategies that took me out of Comparanoia, self doubt and limiting beliefs and allowed me to show up and own my gifts, talents and purpose in the world.

And, achieve the personal and business success I desired.

I would love to get to know you better.


Regain Your Confidence Now!

My 4 part video series and coaching worksheets give you the tools to re-program your thoughts and regain your confidence!


How I Will Support You

Where do you struggle with lack of confidence?

Love the Skin You're In!

Negative body image derails us in every aspect of our lives. Let's focus on an overall wellness approach to tame that inner critic!

Learn More

Thoughts are Things

When we manage our thoughts, our whole world changes. Nothing will feel outside your grasp. It's LOA at its finest!

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Explode Your Business

Bring your big ideas to life to create the professional success you desire. The final piece in the Body, Brain and Business trilogy!

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Interested in a First Step in Taking Back Control?

Join Our Confidence, Fitness And Wellness Challenge

When I feel stressed, overwhelmed and lack confidence, one thing very important to me is CONTROL! I run a free 7 day challenge to boost body and brains, to improve health while increasing control and body confidence. And, give YOU back a sense of control!


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