Body Confidence

How would it feel to "Love the Skin You're In?"

How would it feel to be at peace with your body and happy with yourself?

How would it feel to tame your inner critic; let go of limiting beliefs and develop a better relationship with food, fitness and well being?

Society is a Butt Kicker to Women

We compete and compare ourselves with photoshopping and filters

For generations, women have struggled with unrealistic standards of what it means to be:




Society tells us that men hit their prime as they age.

Women...well, we just get old...

I call BS on that, and I am guessing you do, too!

I see it everyday...

The latest Fad Diet

The newest cosmetic procedure or surgery

The headlines that scream to us how we are inadequate as we are.

It's time to turn off that ridiculous noise...


Taking Back Control

I have never been one to worry about my age, but 50 came with some radical changes in my body and my health.

I started noticing challenges with certain foods I had eaten for years; sleep issues became the norm; ongoing, dull chronic pain in my joints was annoying me; and a muffin top showed up around my waist.

Did I mention brain fog and sluggishness?

WTH was going on!?!?!

And, my mom had been diagnosed with Diabetes, and didn't fit the typical profile. That freaked me out, wondering if it might be genetic and if so, how would I ensure that it wouldn't happen to me?

In May, 2018, I made a commitment (through a mastermind coaching program) to walk an average of 10,000 steps daily.

This led to mindful shifts in how I did a lot of things with respect to my body -

Fitness and 15-30 minutes a day to shape, tone and sculpt my body

Food as Fuel

Meditation and Journaling

Managing My Mind

Everything changed for me. For the better.


My body, my brain, my business...

And, my life.


Would you be interested in creating positive change in your life?

What is Body Confidence Anyway?


What's the School of Confidence?

Learn More

Love the Skin You're In

In The School of Confidence, you will master your mindset around loving yourself; accepting yourself; being at peace with yourself.

And, having kick-ass confidence.

I will help you see beauty in your mirror.

Improve your relationship with food.

Silence that inner critic.

Detox on comparison and self sabotage.

Sculpt and Shape your body, too, if you want to.

And, more...


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